Oct 11th Next Big thing!

Over the last couple of years we've used various products to deliver content to you, first it was Plex then/Now it's Emby. And while each is a great product in it's own way they each also cause various issues that we have to work around. Well it's time for something new, we've contacted some of the best programmers we could find and come up with ... Read More »

Aug 29th 6084381716

Hi All Aurora are looking at a sign up incentive scheme. On Emby Sign Ups How it works is if you introduce s friend you will get ¼ off your next sub. If you Introduce a second person you will get another ¼ off, and so on! There is no limits on amount of people you get to sign up. You cant use people who have had the services before and ... 832-516-4025

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