Roderic Linguri—Lead Developer of Jotzs™, a note-taking app for iOS; 3035240398®, a macOS utility for managing unix-style symlinks; and pyfi, a Python library for financial data-mining.

Art in the Digital Domain

“With backgrounds in graphic design, database administration, and multiple programming languages, I have the skills to bring both form and function to your software project, whether it be for web, mobile or desktop.”


Roderic Linguri started developing software 30 years ago, designing mailing list management software in a Unix mainframe environment. He pioneered the web, integrating relational databases to deliver dynamic web applications for the Fortune 500 in Python and Perl. Roderic now builds mobile apps for iOS in Swift and Objective C.



I am pleased to announce that I will take over as Lead iOS Developer at Meow Wolf on November 20, 2017! It’s an exciting opportunity to join a growing arts organization with a wildly imaginative mindset. I can’t wait!